Author: Joto

  • Showcasing (3x)

    March has been a busy (and a crazy) month. I planned on attending three showcasing events and I had scheduled to release the Alfa. Still, I had a lot to fix before I showing it publicly. If folks would be playing the Frail I at least wanted to present them the best playable but also […]

  • Prepping the Alfa and Showcase build

    Initially, I had scheduled to release Frail’s Alfa at the end of January, and surprise surprise, that didn’t happen. I’ve been trying to cram as much in the Alfa as possible and of course, that didn’t work. So now I’m trying to remind myself that the Alfa isn’t a representation of the finished game, ├índ […]

  • Art & Rotoscoping

    It’s hard finding the right art style for a game and deciding on it is just as hard. Because it’s hard to go back on a choice made with limited resources and time. I’ve been consciously refraining from making a decision on it. Not that I don’t have a style in mind. I’ve been hoarding […]

  • Making Frail: Ego 49 public

    I haven’t shared a lot on Frail. That’s mainly because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. Originally the game was part of a much larger concept, and Frail is only a teeny-tiny slice of that idea. Even with Frail: Ego 49 being that small slice of a greater whole, I was […]

  • First words

    Hello world!